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Meditation is a mystery. I am trying to get control on it since 2001.
I am a "Silva Mind Control" graduate. I did "Quantum Method" too. Next is "Reiki".

So far I tried-

  • LifeFlow - Meditation 2.0
  • Hemi-Sync
  • Discover Mind Power - John Kehoe
  • Ram Dass

LifeFlow-4: December 10, 2012

FLAC to Apple Loss Less Conversion

FooBar and iTunesEncode
1. Get iTunesEncode (
2. Go to FooBar , select all in your flac playlist -> right click -> convert
3. Look to the right side -> Formats -> Click it -> Select Custom
4. And customize it this way :
Encode Tool : path to iTunesEncode.exe
Extension : m4a
Parameters : -d -e "Lossless Encoder" -a "%artist%" -l "%album%" -t "%title%" -g "%genre%" -y %date% -n % tracknumber% -i %s -o %d
Format is: lossless
next propery : 24
DisplayInfo example :
"Encoder name" - iTunes
"Bitrate" - 1000
"Setting" - Apple Lossless
Save configuration

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